Analysis of Security Vulnerability and Analytics of Internet of Things (IOT) Platform

  • Anteneh Girma
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 738)


The Internet of Things (IOT) has become an attractive and inviting technology that enables gathering information about all interconnected devices on real-time. These interconnected physical devices have a unique identifiers and the ability to communicate each other using its sensor technology and transfer data over a network. The collected information also provide significant opportunity for different businesses to have insight about these data by applying effective data analytics on them. Internet of Things have also revealed a huge security vulnerability that range from its authentication to its trust management, and a threat to its embedded devices. This research paper explores and discusses the challenges of Internet of things (IOT) that includes: its vulnerability, security and Privacy of IOT, current analytics of IOT, Imminent ownership threat, trust management, IOT Models, its road map, and make recommendation on how to resolve its security challenges.


IOT IOT security IOT models IOT category IOT privacy 


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