River Health Assessment, Ecological Restoration and Management System

  • Liang DuanEmail author
  • Weijing Kong
  • Xin Gao
  • Juntao Fan
  • Francois Edwards
  • Richard Williams
  • Yonghui Song
  • Yuan Zhang
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Healthy river ecosystems maintain an integrity of their structural composition (including physical, chemical and biological composition), ecological processes and ecosystem functions. They have the ability to resist disturbance and restore their structure and function, and also provide ecological services in accordance with natural and human needs. River health assessment can identify water bodies with poor health and their belonging watersheds, and provide possible causes affecting river ecological conditions. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, river health assessment has turned out to be an effective method for environmental water management.


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  • Juntao Fan
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  • Francois Edwards
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  • Yonghui Song
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