Design and Simulation of Multi-band M-shaped Vivaldi Antenna

  • Jalal J. Hamad Ameen
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 736)


Vivaldi antenna is a co-planar broadband antenna which is made from a dielectric plate metalized on both sides. Double – sided printed circuit board used in the design of this type of antenna makes it cost effective at microwave frequencies exceeding 1 GHz. This type of antenna used in broadband of frequency specially ultra-wide band because its manufacturing is easy for which PCB production is used. In this paper, a new model of Vivaldi antenna been designed based on the dual Vivaldi with M-shaped, the design based on the standards and parameters for the antenna, the dimensions and size of the designed antenna given depending on the wavelength. After the design process, experimental setup done to obtain the practical parameters for the antenna. Optimization for the best VSWR versus operating frequencies, the design and simulation results presented like radiation pattern and the VSWR for many operating frequencies, comparison with the other Vivaldi antenna presented to show the improvements in the proposed and designed antenna, finally, some conclusions presented.


Antennas Antenna parameters Vivaldi antenna M-shaped Vivaldi antenna 


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