Ascension and the Diaspora in Action: A Pastoral Word

  • Neal D. Presa
Part of the Asian Christianity in the Diaspora book series (ACID)


This chapter connects with David Kim’s notion of “critical nostalgia” to show how the power of a community’s story and story-telling enables that community to live in faith, hope, and love, with the memory of where that community has come from and its shared struggles and joys. Critical nostalgia engages the question “So what now?” and the pastoral dimension of an ascension contextual ecclesiology, an ascension homiletic, and an ascension hermeneutic that is sacramental. This chapter sees the ascension shaping and forming three key characteristics of Filipino culture: prayer in community, feasting and food in community, and water for the community. Through prayer, feasting, and water (and sacramentally: Word, Eucharist, baptism), the diaspora’s struggle is hopeful/hope-filled risk, as our community strengthens ties in the diaspora, and bridges with the hometown of the United States and the homeland of the Philippines.


Critical nostalgia Pastoral and practical Prayer, food/feast, water 

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