Ascension Hermeneutic and Habakkuk

  • Neal D. Presa
Part of the Asian Christianity in the Diaspora book series (ACID)


This chapter proposes a biblical hermeneutic in exegeting Scriptures, such as Habakkuk, through the framework of the ascension; thus, what is proposed is a “sacramental hermeneutic.” Because the ascension confesses that Jesus is present as He is also absent, through the power and promise of the Holy Spirit, how the Church lives and serves is through sacramentality—perceiving the presence and call of God upon worshipping and witnessing communities, such as the Filipino American Christian diaspora. This sacramental hermeneutic is applied to the book of Habakkuk, which was exegeted for the three-part sermon discussed in Chap.  3. This chapter demonstrates how a sacramental hermeneutic is at play in the exegesis of Habakkuk, and in the lived faith of the Filipino American Christian diaspora. Thus, sacramentality is an approach to exegete the texts of Scripture, the contexts of life, and the subtexts of the heart.


Hermeneutic Biblical exegesis Habakkuk Sacramental hermeneutic Sacramentality 

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