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Mr. Bouchenaki, the importance of the World Human Heritage is at the heart of UNESCO at an international level, and it includes cultural and natural targets to be achieved that underline a sound link among archaeology, art and ecosystem. It is not by chance that the first forms of human artistic expressions, in the Pre-history, represent drawings whose depicted subjects are taken from Nature (e.g.: Cueva de Altamira, Spain; Grotte dei Balzi Rossi, Italy; Lascaux et Chauvet, France; Wadi In Djeran, Algeria; Tadrart Acacus, Sahara—North Africa; Serra de Capivara, NW Brazil; Bhimbetka, India etc.). Therefore, at the end of the years Nineties, we started to talk about archaeology of tourism (in the modern sense) a topic which implies many aspects among them the Sustainable Development: the necessity to preserve the eco-cultural heritage for the future generations.

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