Investigation and Comparison of Three-Phase and Six-Phase Cage Motor Energy Parameters

  • Jonas Juozas Buksnaitis


In this chapter, the theoretical and experimental investigation was performed using two-pole 2.2 kW three-phase induction motor. Also, the same motor was analyzed after replacing its single-layer preformed winding (q = 4) with the single-layer preformed six-phase winding (q = 2) selected on the basis of conducted design calculations. In both scenarios, the windings of this motor with different numbers of phases induced a two-pole rotating magnetic field with completely identical electromagnetic parameters (kef1 = kef2 = 0.914). When performing experimental tests of the motors under different loads, the three-phase motor was supplied with the nominal voltage of 230 V, and the six-phase motor was supplied using lowered six-phase symmetric voltage of 130 V. Based on the results of experimental tests, the calculation of operating characteristics using segregated-losses method was completed. These characteristics of the three-phase and six-phase motors were compared graphically.


Three-phase cage motor Six-phase cage motor Single-layer former winding Parameters of winding Number of stator slots (coils) per pole per phase Winding span Electromagnetic efficiency factor Parameters of single-layer preformed six-phase winding Number of effective conductors in stator slot Standard conductor dimensions for six-phase winding No-load test Mechanical power losses Magnetic power losses Load test Segregated-losses method Electric power losses Electromagnetic power Mechanic power Electromagnetic momentum Supplementary power losses Cumulative power losses Net power Efficiency factor Power factor Performance characteristics 


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  • Jonas Juozas Buksnaitis
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