Research and Evaluation of Electromagnetic Properties of Single-Layer Six-Phase Windings

  • Jonas Juozas Buksnaitis


In this chapter, the design of the electrical circuit diagrams for the single-layer symmetric concentrated (q = 1), preformed, concentric, and chain (q = 2 and q = 3) six-phase windings is presented. For the designed windings, the investigation of their electromagnetic properties was accomplished using two methods discussed in the first chapter. The results of the research of electromagnetic parameters of the discussed windings were compared with the corresponding results of analogous three-phase windings, and this comparison clearly indicates a huge advantage of the single-layer six-phase windings against three-phase windings.


Concentrated six-phase winding Single-layer preformed six-phase winding Single-layer concentric six-phase winding Single-layer chain six-phase winding Electrical circuit diagram Instantaneous conditional magnitudes of changes of magnetomotive force in the slots of magnetic circuit Instantaneous spatial distribution of rotating magnetomotive force Harmonic analysis of rotating magnetomotive force Electromagnetic efficiency factor of the six-phase winding Winding span reduction factor Winding distribution factor Winding factor 


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  • Jonas Juozas Buksnaitis
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