\(\log 0 = \log \infty = 0\) and Applications

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In this paper, we will show that \(\log 0 = \log \infty =0\) by the division by zero \(z/0=0\) and its fundamental applications. In particular, we will know that the division by zero is our elementary and fundamental mathematics.


Division by zero \(1/0=0/0=0 \) \(\log 0 =0\) \(\log \infty =0\) \(0^0=1.0\) \({e^0= 1, 0}\) \(\cos 0 = 1, 0\) Y-field Point at infinity Infinity Green function Robin constant Capacity Riemann mapping function Laurent expansion 



The authors wish to express their deep thanks Professor Haydar Akca for his kind invitation of the papers [9, 10] based on recent results for the division by zero. Saitoh wishes to express his sincere thanks Professors James .A.D.W. Anderson, J. A. Bergstra, Lukasz T. Stepien and Dr. Masako Takagi for their valuable information and suggestions.


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