Towards Robust Evaluation of Super-Resolution Satellite Image Reconstruction

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Super-resolution reconstruction (SRR) consists in processing an image or a bunch of images to generate a new image of higher spatial resolution. This problem has been intensively studied, but seldom is SRR applied in practice for satellite data. In this paper, we briefly review the state of the art on SRR algorithms and we argue that commonly adopted strategies for their evaluation do not reflect the operational conditions. We report our study on assessing the SRR outcome, relying on new quantitative measures. The obtained results allow us to outline the most important research pathways to improve the performance of SRR.


Super-resolution Image processing Similarity measures 



The reported work is a part of the SISPARE project run by Future Processing and funded by European Space Agency. The authors were partially supported by Institute of Informatics funds no. BK-230/RAu2/2017 (MK) and BKM-509/RAu2/2017 (JN, DK).


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