Alloying Addition Effect on the Structure and Behavior of a Cu-Ni-Zn Three-Component System Alloy Under Lost-Wax Casting

  • I. A. Gruzdeva
  • S. S. Gerasimov
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The paper is devoted to the structure and behavior of Cu-Ni-Zn system cast bar under the lost-wax method. A method of estimating casting mold fillability has been proposed. The method involves determining perforated plate-filled cell fraction. The effect of casting temperature on casting mold fillability and casting bar structure has been studied. The casting temperature of Cu-15Ni-20Zn alloy is determined as 1190 °C; it ensures the best casting mold fillability. Moreover, the influence of an alloying addition such as Sn and Al on casting mold fillability and the behavior of Cu-Ni-Zn alloy under mechanical testing have been studied. The addition of 4.0 mass % Sn and 0.4 mass % Al enables increasing casting mold fillability by 5% and reducing casting temperature to 1170 °C. It has been established that the alloying addition of elements such as Sn and Al makes a more compact and close-grained microstructure, increases the mechanical properties of Cu-Ni-Zn alloy by 10–12% and improves the cast bar surface considerably. In all cases melting and casting were performed by an INDUTHERM-MUVV700 machine. Casting investment mold annealing was carried out in the same step-by-step conditions. The temperature of all molds before casting was set at 560 °C.


Cu-Ni-Zn alloy Lost-wax method Casting mold fillability Alloying addition Casting bar structure Alloy behavior 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Materials Science and MetallurgyUral Federal UniversityYekaterinburgRussia

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