Renal Transplant Interventions

  • Catherine T. Vu
  • Brandon Doskocil
  • Lucas Sheen


Percutaneous interventional diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are commonly employed when post-renal transplantation complications develop. Postoperative complications are less than 10%, but when they do occur, they can have a significant impact on morbidity and mortality. In addition to routine surveillance biopsies, patients with graft dysfunction typically undergo percutaneous biopsy as a diagnostic tool. Advances in interventional radiology techniques to treat vascular and urologic issues have obviated the need for surgical revision. Vascular complications include arterial and venous stenosis, arterial and venous thrombosis, arteriovenous fistula, and pseudoaneurysm. Nonvascular complications consist of urologic issues such as ureteral obstruction, including ureteral strictures and stones, pyeloureteritis cystica, and perigraft fluid collections, including urinoma, hematoma, seroma, abscess, or lymphocele.


Vascular complications Nonvascular complications Renal artery stenosis Arteriovenous fistula Pseudoaneurysm Renal vein thrombosis Ureteral obstruction Ureteral stenosis Hematoma Lymphocele Urinoma Abscess Seroma 


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