Large-Scale Experiment for Topology-Aware Resource Management

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A Resource and Job Management System (RJMS) is a crucial system software part of the HPC stack. It is responsible for efficiently delivering computing power to applications in supercomputing environments and its main intelligence relies on resource selection techniques to find the most adapted resources to schedule the users’ jobs. In [8], we introduced a new topology-aware resource selection algorithm to determine the best choice among the available nodes of the platform based on their position in the network and on application behaviour (expressed as a communication matrix). We did integrate this algorithm as a plugin in Slurm and validated it with several optimization schemes by making comparisons with the default Slurm algorithm. This paper presents further experiments with regard to this selection process.


Resource management Job allocation Topology-aware placement Scheduling Slurm 



Experiments presented in this paper were carried out using the Grid’5000 testbed (see Part of this work is also supported by the ANR MOEBUS project ANR-13-INFR-0001 and by the ITEA3 COLOC project #13024.


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