A Universal Designated Multi-Verifier Transitive Signature Scheme

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A Universal Designated Verifier Transitive Signature (\(\mathrm {UDVTS}\)) scheme is designed for the graph-based big data system. Specifically, it allows a transitive signature holder to convince the designated verifier with a transitive signature. Nevertheless, existing \(\mathrm {UDVTS}\) schemes cannot be directly employed in the scenarios when multi-verifier are involved. Thus, in this paper, we extend the notion to the Universal Designated Multi-Verifier Transitive Signature (\(\mathrm {UDMVTS}\)) scheme. Namely, our new scheme allows a transitive signature holder to designate the signature to multi-verifier. Furthermore, for the proposed scheme, we formalize its security notions and prove its security in the random oracle model. We also analyse the performance of our scheme to demonstrate its efficiency.


Universal designated multi-verifier signature Transitive signature Privacy 



This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61472083, 61402110, 61771140), Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Fujian University (JA14067), Distinguished Young Scholars Fund of Fujian (2016J06013), and Fujian Normal University Innovative Research Team (NO. IRTL1207).


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  • Fei Zhu
    • 1
  • Yuexin Zhang
    • 2
  • Chao Lin
    • 1
  • Wei Wu
    • 1
  • Ru Meng
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  1. 1.Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Network Security and Cryptology, School of Mathematics and InformaticsFujian Normal UniversityFuzhouChina
  2. 2.School of Software and Electrical EngineeringSwinburne University of TechnologyHawthornAustralia
  3. 3.School of Computer ScienceShaanxi Normal UniversityXi’anChina

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