Infrasound Monitoring of Volcanic Eruptions and Contribution of ARISE to the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers

  • Emanuele MarchettiEmail author
  • Maurizio Ripepe
  • Paola Campus
  • Alexis Le Pichon
  • Nicolas Brachet
  • Elisabeth Blanc
  • Pierre Gaillard
  • Pierrick Mialle
  • Philippe Husson
  • Thibault Arnal


In the current society, volcanic eruptions can have a great impact due to the escalation in communications and transport starting from 1950. With the advent of civil aviation and the exponential growth in the air traffic, the problem of a volcanic ash encounter has become an issue of paramount importance, which needs to be addressed in real time. This chapter describes the status of the art in volcano monitoring using infrasound technology at global, regional and local scale, the contribution of the ARISE project to volcano monitoring and to Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers (VAACs), and highlights the need for an integration of the CTBT IMS infrasound network with local and regional infrasound arrays capable of providing a timely early warning to VAACs.



The research leading to these results was performed within the ARISE2 project ( and received funding from the H2020 programme under grant agreement 653980.


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  • Maurizio Ripepe
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  • Paola Campus
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  • Alexis Le Pichon
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  • Nicolas Brachet
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  • Elisabeth Blanc
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  • Pierre Gaillard
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  • Pierrick Mialle
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  • Philippe Husson
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  3. 3.CTBTO, IDC, Vienna International CenterViennaAustria
  4. 4.Meteo France, VAAC ToulouseToulouseFrance

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