Infrasound Monitoring of Volcano-Related Hazards for Civil Protection

  • Maurizio RipepeEmail author
  • Emanuele Marchetti


In the last 20 years, infrasound has increased significantly the potentials of volcano monitoring, with direct impact on risk evaluation for civil protection. Automatic systems based on infrasound are nowadays used operationally, and future improvements will reinforce this technique especially when integrated with other ground-based or satellite observations. We show how by using dedicated array processing, infrasound can be used to detect and notify, automatically and in real time, the onset of explosive eruptions and the run-out of density currents based on the apparent velocity, propagation back-azimuth, and frequency change. Such procedures have been tested and tuned for several years and are currently being applied to early warning of explosive eruption at Etna volcano and to avalanche analysis and risk forecasting in several sites in Europe.



The research leading to these results was performed within the ARISE2 project ( and received funding from the H2020 program under grant agreement 653980.


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