Volcano Infrasound and the International Monitoring System

  • Robin MatozaEmail author
  • David Fee
  • David Green
  • Pierrick Mialle


Volcanoes generate a wide variety of low-frequency (~0.01–20 Hz) acoustic signals, and infrasound technology is part of an expanding suite of geophysical tools available to characterize, understand, and monitor volcanic processes. We review recent advances in the field of volcano acoustics with an emphasis on scientific and potential civil application gains from the International Monitoring System (IMS) infrasound network. Energetic infrasound from explosive volcanism can propagate hundreds to thousands of kilometers in atmospheric waveguides and large explosive eruptions (which represent significant societal and economic hazards) are routinely recorded by the IMS infrasound network. Significant progress in understanding volcano infrasound has been made through dedicated local deployments (within <15 km of the source) in tandem with other observation systems. This research has identified diverse source mechanisms of volcanically generated infrasound, and elucidated the influence of near-source topography and local atmospheric conditions on acoustic propagation and recordings. Similarly, advances are being achieved in inferring volcanic source processes from signals recorded at the longer ranges typically associated with IMS detections. However, practical challenges remain in the optimization of remote volcano infrasound signal detection, discrimination, association, and location. Many of these challenges are the result of strong signal variability associated with long-range acoustic propagation through the temporally and spatially varying atmosphere. We review the state of knowledge on infrasound generation by explosive volcanism, and assess progress toward the development of infrasonic eruption early warning and notification systems at regional and global scales.



This work was partially supported by NSF grants EAR-1546139 and EAR-1614855.


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