The Crime

  • David L. Shapiro
  • Charles Golden
  • Sara Ferguson
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A worker at the American Maize Products Company, having just finished his night shift at the factory, was walking near a railroad crossing that ran across a culvert just over the Indiana line from Illinois. He looked down at the culvert and was shocked by what he saw. He went down an embankment and saw what he thought might have been a person who had drowned with feet protruding from the culvert. He yelled and waved to some railroad workers who were approaching in two gasoline-powered handcars. They joined the first man, pulled a limp body from the pipe, and placed it on dry land. They had hoped that the person might still be alive, but after they turned the body over, it was clear that it was that of a young boy, naked and dead. The workers obtained a tarpaulin, put the body in it, and carried it up to the handcar. One of the men, looking around trying to piece together what had happened, noticed a pair of eyeglasses on the ground. He picked them up, but did not mention the glasses to the other workers. He could not tell if the glasses belonged to the boy or to someone else. When the police came, he gave the glasses to the police.


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  • Charles Golden
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  • Sara Ferguson
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  2. 2.Nova Southeastern UniversityFort LauderdaleUSA

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