Subtotal and Total Temporal Bone Resection

  • Paul W. Gidley
  • Franco DeMonte


Subtotal temporal bone resection (STBR) is required for tumors that involve the mastoid, middle ear, inner ear, or lateral skull base. Total temporal bone resection (TTBR) extends the dissection from the STBR so that the petrous apex is included. The indications and contraindications for these procedures are discussed. A multidisciplinary team for these procedures is emphasized. The critical steps of tumor resection are outlined and illustrated. Reconstruction usually involves a microvascular free flap, but abdominal fat graft and local flaps can be used in the appropriate circumstance. Postoperative management and complications are discussed. Postoperative radiotherapy is given to all patients.


Subtotal temporal bone resection Total temporal bone resection Temporal bone cancer Squamous cell carcinoma 


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