Overview and Historical Developments

  • Paul W. Gidley


A rich literature regarding temporal bone cancer has evolved over the last century. While squamous cell carcinoma is the most common tumor to involve the temporal bone, many different primary tumor types can occur within the temporal bone. These different tumor types have very different biologic behaviors, and it is important to understand the natural history of each of these tumors. Equally, many different primary locations, such as periauricular skin and parotid, can involve the temporal bone. Recognizing the similarities and differences of these primary sites from the ear canal, middle ear, and mastoid is essential.

The history of temporal bone cancer treatment reveals a refinement in understanding and techniques for management. Temporal bone cancer has been recognized from the origin of otology as a field of study. As the field of otology developed, surgical techniques to treat chronic infection were applied to temporal bone cancer. The contemporaneous development of diagnostic and therapeutic uses of radiation helped to improve on the outcomes gained by surgery alone. The improvements in temporal bone resection and the reliable use of microvascular free flaps denote the current state-of-the-art for temporal bone surgery. The development of a cogent staging system has allowed physicians to compare results and to apply appropriate treatment to disease burden. The development of multidrug chemotherapy protocols marks the dawn of a new age in temporal bone cancer.


Ear canal cancer Middle ear cancer Periauricular skin cancer Parotid cancer Temporal bone cancer Squamous cell carcinoma Adenoid cystic carcinoma Carcinoid tumor Multidisciplinary care History of medicine 


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