Management of Canalicular Trauma

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  • Eric M. HinkEmail author


Canalicular lacerations are a frequent periocular injury that should be addressed promptly to avoid canalicular stenosis and subsequent epiphora. Canalicular repair requires appropriate intubation of the canaliculus across the laceration with a silicone stent. Surgeons have a wide variety of stent materials available that have, in many cases, made repair technically easier and faster and eliminated the need for general anesthesia. Surgeons should be familiar with general canalicular intubation and eyelid closure techniques and the different silicone stent materials available and their benefits and shortcomings.


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Supplementary material

419986_5_En_5_MOESM1_ESM.mp4 (83.9 mb)
Video 5.1 Repair of lower lid canalicular laceration 1. Courtesy of Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS. (MP4 85867 kb)
419986_5_En_5_MOESM2_ESM.mp4 (150 mb)
Video 5.2 Repair of lower lid canalicular laceration 2. Courtesy of Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS. (MP4 153650 kb)
419986_5_En_5_MOESM3_ESM.mp4 (145.2 mb)
Video 5.3 Upper canalicular laceration repair. Courtesy of Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS. (MP4 148655 kb)
419986_5_En_5_MOESM4_ESM.mp4 (158.5 mb)
Video 5.4 Repair of canalicular laceration with a pigtail probe. Courtesy of Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS. (MP4 162329 kb)


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