Model Driven Modernization and Cloud Migration Framework with Smart Use Case

  • Khadija Sabiri
  • Faouzia Benabbou
  • Adil Khammal
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 37)


With the fast evolving cloud market, many enterprises have attempted to move their legacy application in this new environment to take its full advantage. However, this move is strongly associated with the fact of packaging the legacy application in an image or in a container encapsulated into a virtual machine and deployed in a single instance.

So, the need of making the legacy application more agile and flexible is becoming a must on moving to a cloud environment, yet to fully benefit from it. It is important to change the architecture of the legacy application before deploying it in a cloud environment. In consequence, there is a need for an approach that assure two important things: how the architecture of legacy application has to be changed to transform it into a cloud native application architecture and then to be deployed it in a cloud environment.

In this work, we propose a modernization iterative and incremental process to overcome the listed issues above. This process is based on the concept of smart use case combining with the architecture driven modernization (ADM) approach. The last consists on followed the steps: Reverse Engineering, Transformation/Upgrade, and Forward Engineering. This process aims to not only raise the IT agility, but moreover its business agility.


Cloud computing ADM Smart use case Native cloud application Legacy application 


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