Climate Change and Its Effect on Hydrology and Threat to Biodiversity: A Study on Manas River (Upper Part) and the Manas National Park, Assam, India

  • Jyotishmoy Bora
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Change has always been a powerful event of nature. Climate change is one of the most important environmental challenge faced by living organisms and non-living things. The nature, magnitude and consequences of this change are unprecedented especially in the present-day human society. The hydrology of rivers and biodiversity of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks have also badly affected by the change of climate all over the world. This chapter intends to study the changes both in the hydrology of Manas River (upper part) and a threat to the biodiversity of the Manas National Park occurred due to the climate change in the region. The chapter also attempts to suggest some measures for mitigation of the various problems associated with it. The study is carried out based on the data collected from the field and various secondary sources. The changes of hydrology and biodiversity have been assessed with the help of relevant data and information collected for different periods of time. It is found from the study that the changes have occurred in the hydrology of Manas River during the past few decades creating a lot of problems to its environment. Remarkable changes have also been noticed in the biodiversity of the Manas National Park as a result of climate change.


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