Psychosis and Suicide

  • Tatiana FalconeEmail author
  • Migle Staniskyte
  • Jane Timmons-Mitchell


Among the 21 million people in the world with schizophrenia, the risk of suicide is high. Some studies indicate that about ¼ of schizophrenics will attempt suicide, while others place the estimate higher. There is agreement that the time between diagnosis and engagement with evidence-based treatment for first-episode psychosis is a time of high risk for suicide. Early identification and intervention can be helpful, and protective factors can be strengthened. The chapter discusses screening and assessment instruments specific to psychosis and suicide. Connecting with treatment providers early after the discovery of psychosis is key, as is working with a psychiatrist to find the most helpful medication regimen. Evidence-based treatments are reviewed. It is recommended that patients with psychosis should be carefully monitored for suicide risk.


Schizophrenia Psychosis Suicide First-episode psychosis Evidence-based treatment Early intervention Cognitive behavioral therapy Multisystemic therapy 


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