The Tsunami

  • Francesco M. Bongiovanni


Overwhelmed by waves of war refugees and economic migrants in search of a better life, Europe doesn’t know what to do with these masses. The ‘great immigration debacle’ could have been avoided, had European leaders paid attention to the deteriorating situation in underfunded refugee camps near war zones. Merkel’s open-door policy amounted to a monumental gamble: will it be possible to swiftly reformat and absorb masses from alien cultures? Will the free movement of citizens within Europe survive the growing intra-European tensions generated by mass migration? There is no panacea for integration, especially in a continent with tens of millions of unemployed. In the meantime, caring for these masses requires tens of billions of euros per year, at a time when governments are asking citizens to tighten their belts.

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  • Francesco M. Bongiovanni
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