Study Area and Data Collection

  • Rupesh Jayaram Patil
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The present study was conducted in the Shakkar River watershed. The Shakkar River is a major tributary of the main Narmada River. The study area contains dense forest cover and steeply sloping hillocks formed of marble stone. Human-induced activities, such as urbanization, encroachment into the agricultural area, and stone quarrying/mining, are responsible for removing the protective soil cover (forest/vegetation) and have resulted in a severe state of erosion in the area over the past few decades. Daily rainfall data, soil maps, a digital elevation model, satellite imagery of the study area and observed sediment data were used in the present analysis.


Shakkar River Narmada River Human encroachment Soil map Satellite image 

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  1. 1.Department of Soil and Water Engineering, College of Agricultural EngineeringJawaharlal Nehru Agricultural UniversityJabalpurIndia

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