The Retransmission Swamp

  • Tom Evens
  • Karen Donders
Part of the Palgrave Global Media Policy and Business book series (GMPB)


The platformisation of the television industry and the subsequent expansion of market power of such platforms has produced numerous negotiating impasses between television broadcasters and distributors. This chapter centres on this so-called retransmission swamp: Retransmission fees, which make up a substantial part of a broadcaster’s income, are on the one hand extremely diverse and vary country-by-country and on the other hand hidden behind the curtains of confidential negotiations between broadcasters and distributors. The chapter aims to lift part of the retransmission curtain by discussing the business context in which negotiating impasses are situated, the types of retransmission deals one can discern when analysing the market and related discussions about non-linear service distribution. The chapter touches upon a diversity of cases, which show a fundamentally different approach to retransmission in the United States and Europe. A case note centres on Fox Networks, which has put retransmission fees back on the industrial agenda.


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