The Domestication Norm in Reuters Journalism

  • Claire Scammell
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Translating and Interpreting book series (PTTI)


This chapter examines Reuters’ current approach to translation. It locates translations of French culture-specific concepts in a corpus of Reuters reports and, using Pedersen’s (2005) ‘Venutian’ scale, categorises the strategies used from most foreignising to most domesticating. The analysis finds a much higher incidence of domesticating strategies. The corpus analysis is complemented by analysis of the Reuters Handbook of Journalism. The translation-related guidance in the Handbook is found to call for a domesticating approach, through the specification of certain translation strategies. The analysis also finds that the impact of the translation process on the accuracy of quotation is often overlooked in the Handbook, or only implicitly recognised, despite an emphasis on the importance of accuracy and the specification of intra-lingual strategies for addressing potential issues.


News translation Reuters Quotation Culture-specific conceptsTranslation strategy Domestication 


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