MXAN and Molecular Dynamics: A New Way to Look to the XANES (X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure) Energy Region

  • Maurizio BenfattoEmail author
  • Elisabetta Pace
  • Nico Sanna
  • Cristiano Padrin
  • Giovanni Chillemi
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 204)


X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) spectroscopy is a powerful method to obtain local structural and electronic information around a well-defined absorbing site of matter in many possible different conditions. Few years ago we presented a new method, called MXAN, that allows a complete fit of the XANES energy region in terms of well-defined set of structural parameters. MXAN calculates the photo-absorption cross-section using the full multiple scattering theory and, in this way, the analysis can start from the edge without any limitations in the energy range and polarization conditions. In this paper we present with details the MXAN method and new possibilities, coming from the combination of molecular dynamic simulations and MXAN, in the analysis of structural disordered system. Applications to the solvation spheres analysis of Ni, Cu and Cl ions in water are also presented in details.



We thank Dr. P. Frank, of Stanford Chemistry Department and SSRL Laboratory, Dr. R. Sarangi and Dr. B. Hedman of SSRL Laboratory for giving us the permission of using the experimental data presented in this paper and for constructive criticism, suggestions in the use of mxan code. M.B. also thanks the financial support provided over the past few years by SLAC for the two-month visit as visiting scientist. Text in Sect. 7.6 is adapted with permission from “Equilibrium between 5- and 6- fold coordination in the first shell of Cu(II)” by G. Chillemi et al., Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120, 3958 (2016). Copyright 2016 American Chemical Society.


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  • Elisabetta Pace
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  • Nico Sanna
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  • Cristiano Padrin
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  • Giovanni Chillemi
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