A Pluralist Notion of Truth for Metaphysical Points of View

  • Juan J. Colomina-AlmiñanaEmail author
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This chapter centers on two different but related problems. First, it focuses in clarifying why the discussion about metaphysical points of view cannot be considered as a merely verbal dispute. To do so, I distinguish between verbal disputes and merely verbal disputes, and show that, besides the illusion that the dispute about the existence of metaphysical points of view seems to be based upon the different terminology employed by different points of views to represent the world, this is not the case because a substantial deeper dispute is in place, one that requires meta-linguistic negotiation. Second, the chapter shows how, if metaphysical points of view and indeterminacy are considered as fundamental, the language employed to differently represent the ways the world might be actually capture the changing and conflicting shifting reality that the world is, being the nexus between metaphysical and epistemic points of view.


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