The ITEC Collaborative Video Search System at the Video Browser Showdown 2018

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We present our video search system for the Video Browser Showdown (VBS) 2018 competition. It is based on the collaborative system used in 2017, which already performed well but also revealed high potential for improvement. Hence, based on our experience we introduce several major improvements, particularly (1) a strong optimization of similarity search, (2) various improvements for concept-based search, (3) a new flexible video inspector view, and (4) extended collaboration features, as well as numerous minor adjustments and enhancements, mainly concerning the user interface and means of user interaction. Moreover, we present a spectator view that visualizes the current activity of the team members to the audience to make the competition more attractive.


Video retrieval Interactive search Collaboration 



This work was supported by Universität Klagenfurt and Lakeside Labs GmbH, Klagenfurt, Austria and funding from the European Regional Development Fund and the Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund (KWF) under grant KWF-20214 U. 3520/26336/38165.


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  1. 1.Institute of Information TechnologyKlagenfurt UniversityKlagenfurtAustria

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