Thymectomy for Non-thymomatous Myasthenia Gravis

  • Joshua R. Sonett
  • Bianca Bromberger
  • Alfred JaretzkiIII
Part of the Current Clinical Neurology book series (CCNEU)


The recent publication of the first randomized trial of thymectomy versus medical management alone provides the first class I evidence in support of the use of thymectomy in the treatment of non-thymomatous myasthenia gravis. However, many questions remain, including patient selection, its efficacy for different subtypes of MG, timing of surgery, and optimal resection technique. This chapter will provide an overview of the surgical anatomy of the thymus and the various surgical approaches to thymectomy. The available evidence regarding the effect of thymectomy in non-thymomatous MG is reviewed, and recommendations regarding optimal timing, patient selection, and considerations for its role in the different subtypes of MG will be addressed. After a review of the issues surrounding research on thymectomy in MG, a summary of available outcome data of the various resection techniques is provided in addition to limited recommendations regarding the surgical approach of choice. A discussion of perioperative considerations for patient management is included, and recommendations are provided for future research into the surgical management of non-thymomatous MG.


Thymectomy Myasthenia gravis Non-thymomatous Thymus Video-assisted thoracoscopy Thoracoscopic thymectomy Videoscopic thymectomy Robotic thymectomy VATS Transcervical thymectomy Transsternal thymectomy 


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