The Visual Speech and Creativity in Advertising Impressed in Ecuador in Daily “El Comercio” Between 1908 and 1950

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This research work is an extension of the first study that was developed in Ecuador on the subject and that generated the analysis based on a single decade, seeks to present several moments of the rhetorical concept and its use in print advertising in Ecuador in a period of time ranging from 1908 to 1950. It will try to establish the configuration that the use of rhetoric has had in advertising in the period proposed to provide an instrument of analysis to those who investigate this subject, it is noteworthy that it is the first project of extensive research in this area in Ecuador, the first advances have been discussed and presented in previous publications with minor lapses of temporality in the analysis.


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  1. 1.Pontificia Universidad Católica del EcuadorQuitoEcuador

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