Estimation of Raw Packets in SDN

  • Yash SinhaEmail author
  • Shikhar Vashishth
  • K. Haribabu
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In SDN based networks, for network management such as monitoring, performance tuning, enforcing security, configurations, calculating QoS metrics etc. a certain fraction of traffic is responsible. It consists of packets for many network protocols such as DHCP, MLD, MDNS, NDP etc. Most of the time these packets are created and absorbed at midway switches. We refer to these as raw packets. Cumulative statistics of sent and received traffic is sent to the controller by OpenFlow compliant switches that includes these raw packets. Although, not part of the data traffic these packets get counted and leads to noise in the measured statistics and thus, hamper the accuracy of methods that depend on these statistics such as calculation of QoS metrics.

In this paper, we propose a method to estimate the fraction of the network traffic that consists of raw packets in Software Defined Networks. The number of raw packets transferred depends on the number of switches and hosts in the network and it is a periodic function of time. Through experiments on several network topologies, we have estimated a way to find a cap on the generated raw packets in the network, using spanning tree information about the topology.


Raw packets OpenFlow Software Defined Networks (SDN) 


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