Mitochondrial Dynamics: A Journey from Mitochondrial Morphology to Mitochondrial Function and Quality

  • David Sebastián
  • Antonio Zorzano


Mitochondria were considered in the past as static and isolated organelles inside the cell. However, currently it is clear that they change in shape, and they are continuously moving along the cell forming an interconnected and highly dynamic network. The sum of all these processes are referred to as mitochondrial dynamics. In addition to the control of mitochondrial morphology and movement, a large number of evidences have turned mitochondrial dynamics into a key factor controlling mitochondrial function and quality, having an important role in respiration, oxidative metabolism, Ca2+ homeostasis, mitochondrial quality control, autophagy and apoptosis. The importance of mitochondrial dynamics in physiology is reflected by the increasing number of pathologies associated with its dysregulation, such as neuropathies, neurodegenerative diseases, atherosclerosis, metabolic diseases, sarcopenia and aging. Therefore, the factors regulating mitochondrial dynamics and the understanding of the molecular mechanisms by which mitochondrial dynamics regulates key aspects of mitochondrial biology is of great importance. In this chapter, we will focus on the proteins involved in mitochondrial dynamics, their regulation and their impact in the control of mitochondrial function and quality.


Mitochondria Dynamics Morphology Neurodegenerative diseases Mitochondrial quality control 


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