New Approach to Architectural Design Education

  • Yunus Turan Pekmezci
  • Taybuğa Aybars Mamalı
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 715)


Architectural design is a creative activity whose aim is to determine the formal qualities of objects produced by art. These formal qualities are not only the external features but principal those structural and functional relationships which convert a system to a coherent unity from the point of view of user. Architectural design extends to embrace all the aspects of human environment which are conditioned by architectural production, besides designer occupies a fairly wide band on the spectrum of human experience. The arranging of a creative collaboration between different professional groups has never been easy and constitutes a classic problem of reconciliation. Design is perhaps a special case as architects have been on divergent educational and professional paths.

In the direction of all these current debates and statements, this investigation suggests a survey conducted to provide a better understanding through a case study of Nisantasi University’s Architecture Program. The design considerations and general background must be related to the actual means of production available for the specific application. In this paper it is explained that a complete harmony is required in this relationship for real success.


Architecture Architecture design education University and industry 


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