Diversity in UML Modeling Explained: Observations, Classifications and Theorizations

  • Michel R. V. ChaudronEmail author
  • Ana Fernandes-Saez
  • Regina Hebig
  • Truong Ho-Quang
  • Rodi Jolak
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10706)


Modeling is a common part of modern day software engineering practice. Little evidence exists about how models are used in software development and how they help in producing better software. In this talk we introduce a classification-matrix and a theoretical framework that helps explain the large variety of models and modeling styles found in industrial practice. As part of this explanation, we will explore empirical findings on the uses of UML modeling in practice. We intersperse this paper with some insights about modeling in software development that may be common to some, but certainly not generally accepted throughout the software engineering community.


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    Email author
  • Ana Fernandes-Saez
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  • Regina Hebig
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  • Truong Ho-Quang
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  • Rodi Jolak
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  2. 2.University Castilla La-ManchaCiudad RealSpain

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