Christianity and Science: From Conflict and Divorce to Mutual Influence and Enrichment

  • George SabraEmail author


A brief historical overview of the interaction of Christian theology and modern science reveals an initial relationship of conflict leading to divorce between the two realms of thought. That impression of conflict and contradiction remains the most popular and sensational one even today. However, in the light of self-critical examinations of both science and theology in the modern and contemporary periods, it becomes evident that the impression of inevitable conflict and irreconcilable contradiction is no longer a tenable position characterizing the relationship of those two fields of knowledge. Dialogue and mutual influence are much more characteristic of the debate today. The paper suggests several principles that ought to be recognized in developing and describing the relation between science and Christian theology that emphasize the distinctiveness but not total difference of the languages used in each field, and recognize common elements and possibilities of mutual enrichment.


Christian theology Theology and science Religion and science Creation Modern science 


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