HyMod: A 3-DOF Hybrid Mobile and Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robot and its Extensions

  • Christopher ParrottEmail author
  • Tony J. Dodd
  • Roderich Groß
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Advanced Robotics book series (SPAR, volume 6)


This paper presents HyMod, a hybrid self-reconfigurable modular robot, and its extensions. HyMod units feature three rotational degrees of freedom and four connectors, allowing them to move independently via differential wheels and group with other units to form arbitrary cubic lattice structures. The design is built around the high-speed genderless (HiGen) connection mechanism, allowing for single-sided disconnect and enabling units to rotate freely in place within their lattice positions. To our knowledge, HyMod is the first modular robot to combine efficient single module locomotion with free in place rotation. An analysis of HyMod is presented, as well as details of its mechanics and electronics. To augment the capabilities of HyMod, a number of extension modules are introduced. Hybrid modular robots with extensions, such as the system presented here, could see use in the areas of reconfigurable manufacturing, search and rescue, and space exploration.



This research was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) through scholarship support (C. Parrott) and grant no. EP/K033948/1.


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  • Christopher Parrott
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    Email author
  • Tony J. Dodd
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  • Roderich Groß
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