Defining Successful Transition: Young Adult Perspective

  • Teresa Nguyen
  • Mallory Cyr


Adulthood holds many exciting opportunities for a young adult to discover their passions, become independent, and engage in the community around them. While health and health-care transition must be a priority for success, a well-rounded transition into adulthood for an adolescent or young adult with special health-care needs (AYASHCN) and/or disability involves many critical components and necessary skills to be deemed successful. This chapter will explore a young adult’s journey to adulthood while navigating the complex components of community, finances, housing options, employment options, and medical system. The successes of each component and all components together ultimately depend on the health of the AYASHCN to be able to carry out the necessary steps to obtain an education, secure housing, and become an employed individual. Thus, it is important to understand and respect the goals and aspirations of the young adult early on, which help mold the conversations that center around the topic of transition from pediatric care to adult care for AYASHCN.


AYASHCN Young adult health Health-care transition Chronic illness Adulthood 


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