DREAM Centre Remote Telemonitoring

  • Fausto Ciccacci
  • Giovanni Guidotti
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The vision behind the DREAM programme is that of an Euro-African response to the enormous challenge of healthcare in Africa, together with a large bet on local staff. In fact there is a great commitment from European professionals in terms of support, training and, in this case, monitoring.

All the activities can be monitored at a distance because of the way the DREAM model has been designed, but naturally in practice, only certain issues are analysed periodically. The frequency of these checks and the issues studied can change according to a variety of different factors.

By now the DREAM programme offers hundreds of indicators. Some queries, moreover, can be made and saved for the specific requirements of certain clinical centres.

With this instrument, it is possible to have a rapid overall view of the centre’s various activities: the number of patients assisted, how many of them are in the tuberculosis treatment service, the number of women in the mother-to-child HIV prevention programme, the number of HIV tests performed, how many medical examinations have been performed, etc.

It is also possible to identify particular cases that need special follow-up or special attention, for example, patients on a second line of therapy, malnourished children or patients with hypertension, diabetes or kidney or liver failure. These queries will be made by the software so it is possible to carry out specific checks on certain types of patients and highlight any management errors.


Telemonitoring DREAM software 


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