The DREAM Management Software

  • Marco Peroni
  • Flavio Ismael
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From the very beginning, DREAM decided to invest heavily in ICT, Information and Communication Technology, as one of the specific qualities of its healthcare programme in Africa. This chapter analyses some features of the DREAM software, which is used in 47 healthcare centres in 11 countries of sub-Saharan Africa. This software has become an essential tool for the management of every clinical centre, and the medical files have not been printed for years; all the clinical data and every activity are stored digitally.

Over the years the software has added more and more sections, and today it is an instrument that manages the patients’ medical records, the pharmacy storeroom, the electronic prescriptions, the prescriptions of the drugs, the blood tests, the appointments and food integration, and it is connected to the laboratory management software and to the GHT telemedicine service. Analysing how well the software is working gives us, even if only indirectly, a view of how the DREAM model works, regarding the organisation of the workflows and the general organisation of every healthcare centre.


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