The Method of Improving Learning Ability of “C Language Programming Design” Course

  • Chunxiu Xiong
  • Xinhua You
  • Peng Yu
Conference paper
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According to the students cannot do anything without mobile phone nowadays, the question of learning the “C language program design” course is increasingly serious, this paper has presented a series of methods of attracting students’ interest to improve the students’ ability of learning it. Firstly, arousing students’ attention to the C language, secondly, changing the “cramming” teaching method of the past by easy course, and reviewing the curriculum appropriately, finally, choosing the appropriate code examples, drawing inferences, creating templates, and solving question by multi-answer to consolidate the teaching, and through the students’ homework and the method of fast compiling and debugging program to grasp the students’ learning interest of the course.


Teaching methods Reviewing the curriculum Code examples Create a template 


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  1. 1.Computer Science of ZhiXing College of HuBei UniversityWuhanChina

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