Research on Evaluation Index System of Enterprise Brand Competitiveness: Taking Liquor Industry as an Example

  • Yan Fan
  • Lizhong Tong
Conference paper
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With the increasingly fierce market competition, the competition among enterprises has risen to brand competition. The brand competitiveness is essentially a different advantage beyond the competitors, which enable the enterprises to gain a sustainable competitiveness advantage and a stable development. So, in this paper, building a scientific and reasonable evaluation index system of brand competitiveness for enterprises, taking the liquor industry as an example, which helps to make a scientific and accurate evaluation for the enterprise brand competitiveness and provide a decision-making basis for building brand and enhancing the brand competitiveness for the enterprise.


Enterprise brand Brand competitiveness Evaluation index system 



The authors are grateful to the financial supports from the Sichuan Science and Technology Project: Study on the Role of Local Government in Regional Brand Formation from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform-Taking Sichuan Province as an Example (SC16TJ001).


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  1. 1.Business School, Sichuan UniversityChengduChina

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