Endoscopic Ultrasound and Portal Hypertension

  • Oriol Sendino
  • Angels GinèsEmail author


Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is a valuable diagnostic and therapeutic tool in many gastrointestinal disorders. It is a useful technique to assess vascular abnormalities in patients with chronic liver disease and portal hypertension and allows for a noninvasive evaluation of the hemodynamic changes linked to this condition. EUS improves the detection of gastric varices and collateral veins and provides assessment of variceal recurrence, risk of rebleeding and response to therapy. Furthermore EUS may be of help in guiding endoscopic therapy of varices, such as EUS-guided sclerotherapy of esophageal collateral vessels and EUS-guided glue injection or coiling of gastric varices. In addition, the ability of EUS to access the portal vein (PV) enables a broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in patients with portal hypertension which have been shown to be feasible in animal models and in small, preliminary human studies.


Endoscopic ultrasound Portal hypertension Cirrhosis Gastroesophageal varices Cyanoacrylate Portal vein 


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