• André Preumont
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This chapter summarizes a few projects which have been conducted in the early days of the Active Structures Laboratory of ULB (mostly before 2002) in various fields including active damping, precision positioning, and vibroacoustics; all of them include numerical and experimental results. After a few words about digital control, the chapter begins with the active damping of a truss structure, followed by a six-axis piezoelectric Stewart platform that is proposed as generic damping interface (it can also be used for precision positioning). Next, the active damping of a piezoelectric plate is considered, with an experiment flown in 1995. It is followed by the active damping of a stiff beam using acceleration feedback and a proof-mass actuator. The next section, on HAC/LAC control, shows how embedding a collocated active damping loop in a non-collocated precision control may be effective in increasing the control bandwidth. The next section is devoted to the development of a sound radiation sensor for active structural acoustic control; the starting point is a discrete array of piezoelectric sensors; finally, a distributed sensor forming a porous electrode is developed successfully, all computations being confirmed by experiments. The chapter concludes with a short list of references and a set of problems.


Active damping of a truss Stewart platform Piezoelectric plate HAC/LAC control Volume displacement sensor Baffled plate Discrete array sensor Distributed sensor Porous electrode 


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