OneUp Learning: A Course Gamification Platform

  • Darina DichevaEmail author
  • Keith Irwin
  • Christo Dichev
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10653)


Gamification of education is still evolving. It lacks systematic studies assessing its effect in different contexts. Creating a gamified course is still time-consuming and design limited. As a response to these challenges, we developed OneUp Learning – a customizable platform aimed at facilitating the process of gamifying learning activities and enabling contextual studies. In this paper we present the platform architecture and its functionality, which includes support for integrating game design elements in learning activities, for creation of dynamic problems and for visualizing student performance and progress. At the end, we present a usability study of the platform and the assessment results from an end user perspective.



This material is based upon work supported by the NSF project HRD 1623236 “TIP: Increasing Student Motivation and Engagement in STEM Courses through Gamification.” We thank Dr. Jurek Kirakowski for being gracious enough to grant us an academic license for SUMI.


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