Robotic Conversion and Revisional Surgery

  • Melissa Felinski
  • Adam Purtell
  • Erik B. Wilson
  • Shinil K. Shah


The use of robotic surgical platforms continues to increase in the field of bariatric surgery. The advantages of robotic surgery may be particularly useful in conversion and revisional surgery. In this chapter, the authors review types and indications for conversion and revisional surgery, advantages and limitations of robotic surgical platforms, technical considerations and port placement, training and learning curve-related issues, as well as published data regarding outcomes with robotic revisional bariatric surgery. The role of robotics in revisional weight loss surgery will likely continue to evolve with further development of robotic surgical platforms and as more surgeons and institutions publish data regarding their experience.


Bariatric surgery Morbid obesity Revision Robotic surgery Roux-en-y gastric bypass Duodenal switch 


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  • Adam Purtell
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  • Erik B. Wilson
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  • Shinil K. Shah
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