Prosthetic Options: Fixed and Removable Overdentures

  • Elham Emami
  • Pierre-Luc Michaud


Many individuals are exposed to worse oral and general health when they transition from dentate to edentate status. In fact, edentulism is associated with high levels of physical and psychological disability, which are only partially reduced with the use of conventional prostheses as replacement for the missing natural teeth. The implant-assisted overdenture has thus become a viable option to replace denture because of the accumulating evidence on its advantages from both clinical and patient perspectives.

Various types of implant-assisted prostheses are available to treat partially or completely edentate patients. The functional capacity, time needed to treat, maintenance, complications and cost vary amongst the different types of implant prostheses and may address patients’ physical, psychological and social needs in different ways. To ensure the delivery of high-quality implant care within the available options, clinicians need to consult the literature and become aware of scientific evidence, exchange this knowledge with their patients and consider the level of their clinical expertise, as well as patients’ needs and preferences, to make a shared treatment decision and arrive at an agreement on the treatment to implement.

In this chapter, the authors distinguish between fixed and removable options for mandibular implant-assisted prostheses and provide a summary on different factors that should be considered in the choice between these two prosthetic designs.


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