Vascular Anomalies

  • Giuseppe Micali
  • Anna Elisa Verzì
  • Maria Letizia Musumeci
  • Francesco Lacarrubba


Vascular anomalies include hemangiomas and vascular malformations. Hemangiomas have a typical presentation and growth pattern which correspond to three developing stages: proliferation, quiescence, and involution; at dermatoscopy they show sharply demarcated and red round-oval structures associated with polymorphous vessels with or without blue-whitish septa. Vascular malformations are present at birth and never completely regress; they are dermatoscopically characterized by red-dotted, globular vessels (type 1 or superficial), networks of dilated linear vessels (type 2 or deep), and/or roundish/sacular/glomerular structures (type 3).


Hemangiomas Congenital hemangiomas Infantile hemangiomas Vascular malformations Salmon patches Port-wine stain Lacunae Septa Vascular pattern Linear vessels Globular vessels Glomerular vessels 


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